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Linux or Windows: Which is More Secure - Case Study Example

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The author compares Windows and Linux security and states that the final decision does go towards Linux simply because they have proven themselves to be true while Microsoft Windows still has a long way to go before security can be a proven feature of the OS. …
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Linux or Windows: Which is More Secure
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Extract of sample "Linux or Windows: Which is More Secure"

Download file to see previous pages The advantages of using Linux over Windows have been touted by many IT experts and tech gurus yet the fact remains that Windows has a gigantic market share over the rest of the operating systems combined.

Windows has essentially, and for all practical purposes, a monopoly on operating systems and the discussion for which one is better is sometimes a moot point. However, from a technical as well as a business standpoint, it is an important discussion, therefore, a comparison in terms of security for Windows and Linux is to be made in this report. I am not hesitant to say my previous experience and knowledge about computers led me to go into this research with certain biases and preconceived notions and while some were confirmed there were also a lot of surprises involved.

It is certainly true that locks, passwords and other protection mechanisms work as mechanisms to stop just a few. Had these measures actually been as secure as we are meant to believe then there would be no crime in the world? In terms of security, the president of the United States is the most well-protected man in the world yet even he has been shot. When it comes to computer technology the situation is even worse since access is something which must be given for a computer to be used.

“No operating system today is completely safe from the onslaught of hackers. Hackers are injecting malware not only in the operating systems of Windows but also in Mac and Linux. For instance, "Virus.Linux.Bia.a/Virus.Win32.Bia" appeared in April 2006. Mac is now a tempting target for hackers given that it is now using Intel chips (Schweitzer, 2006, Pg. 32).”

Comparing security features between Windows and Linux is very difficult since both operating systems have their supporters and opponents. While common wisdom might suggest that the Linux operating system is more secure a study conducted by Security Innovation Inc. which analyzed security under changing business requirements showed that Windows was better.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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