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Wireless Sensor Networks, WSN, is an emerging technology that uses distributed sensors with a communications infrastructure to monitor or record environmental conditions. They are being widely applied in security, military, and agriculture owing to their automated ability to…
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Download file to see previous pages Borders are critical features of any state since they define territory. Individualterritories on the other hand have specific rules and acceptable ways of conduct which must be protected. As such, it is important that borders should be protected so as to keep away intruders such as illegal immigrants, smugglers, and terrorists. WSNs are being embraced in surveillance because they are cheaper and more effective as compared to traditional surveillance methods such as radar or satellite (Wang &Guo 358).
Wireless border control sensor network architecture is made up of three main components: sensor nodes, gateways, and task managers. Sensor nodes are the components at the end of the architecture which capture the data at the border (through sensing). They are also referred to as the sink, source, or actuators. As such, movement for example at unauthorized areas can be sensed from the sensor nodes. Several sensors are situated differently and are usually interconnected. The sensor nodes may do some calculations before transmitting the data at the border though a gateway (Kalita, &Kar 2).
Gateways on the other hand are proxies for the wireless border control systems. They allow the system administrators to interface Motes to some relay points such as personal digital assistants and personal computers for monitoring. In short, all the interconnected sensor nodes relay their information to the administrator through the same proxy (gateway) (Maharrey, Lim, &Gao 7). Gateways may be active (allow nodes to actively relay data to the system (gateway server), passive (allows gateway to send requests to sensor nodes), or hybrid (performs tasks of both active and passive gateways) (Villegas, Tang, &Qian 4).
The task managers are the receiving ends of the wireless border control sensor network architecture. After the sensor notes acquire information from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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