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Bluetooth/zigbee/wifi connected home automation products - Assignment Example

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Home automation products were among these exhibits, and the paper discusses their specifications, features, price, as well their…
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Bluetooth/zigbee/wifi connected home automation products
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Download file to see previous pages The exhibiting companies that facilitated the innovation progress during the CES 2015 may include Apple Inc., Pella Company, CentraLite and more (Wong 146). These advanced home products set the move of creating of smart homes for many people around the world in the coming few years. Their features are interesting and thus the reader should feel attracted to use the latest home automation products (Wood par. 4).
Apple Inc. exhibited these accessories during the last CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. HomeKit refers to a suite of tools that enables software developers to create iOS applications for home automation products. It was unveiled by Apple during the last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The HomeKit accessories include the mobile device maker, smart locks, Siri and Apple TV.
In addition, Elgato, a consumer electronics company, announced to make more advanced sensor products that can control the air temperature, quality, humidity, pressure and water and energy consumption. These products are controllable via Siri on an application installed on an iOS device (Arnold par. 4).
The HomeKit based products are assembled together with the Apple TV being the main control center or the master hub. However, the hub has not been fully integrated to work with the already existing HomeKit accessories. First, download an app and install it on iOS or Android devices. Then, using the Siri, you can control all the devices connected to the socket outlets. The application is programmable since you can set the time at which the lights will go off, as well as, manipulating the room temperature (Tilley par. 12).
The HomeKit-enabled products are ready for sale, and one can pre-order them. Many Apple retail outlets in Canada offer them for sale. The prices are indicated in the company’s catalogue alongside the product’s specifications (Arnold par. 8).
As stated in the features, the WeMo Switch works ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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