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A user has to be able to interact with the website effectively. In my review of the usability of the websites, I will employ six tools to determine the usability of each of the three…
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Usability Testing and Implementation al Affiliation) Introduction Usability relates to the ease of use that a website offers to the user of a website. A user has to be able to interact with the website effectively. In my review of the usability of the websites, I will employ six tools to determine the usability of each of the three websites.
Usability Criteria
The first tool is user task analysis, which deals with whether the website has the capability of informing its users, whether it is efficient, precise, memorable and affordable. The other tool is the website’s readability feature. It deals with whether the information conveyed by the website is easy to understand, legible and generally, if the average user enjoys perusing the website. The website’s navigation ease is also very important. This tool deals with the organization of the website, availability of search boxes and links, to assist in finding the appropriate webpages and the speed of accessing the webpages.
Additional tools include the site’s accessibility which deals with its semantic HTML composition, choice of color and its cross platform compatibility. Website speed is critical to the process of usability and is measured through analyzing the website’s response time and its file size. The last tool is user experience and it deals with analyzing the website’s usefulness, enjoyment and fulfilment.
Usability Assessment rates highly in terms of task analysis. For users of the website, it is very informative since it provides information on visual design content, strategy and its simple web page outlay, leaves a lasting impression on the users. Additionally, the information conveyed is easy to read. The site can be used by any person due to the simple language used to convey specific information. It is also very easy to access information due to the presence of the search box at the edge of the website’s screen. In terms of the color choice of the webpage, the use of multiple color combinations gives the website a memorable and upbeat outlay that entices the user to revisit the website. also offers varying information ranging from comedies, art and film. It rates considerably high in the readability feature since the words are legible with a sizeable font coupled with pictures that help in conveying the information to the user. However, the organizational outlay of the website is not correctly structured and would benefit from a simpler organization with links to different features. Its choice of color is relatively dull but the application of images considerably improves its presentation. The website should adopt a webpage size that is more compact but informative, so that the user is not overwhelmed by information. is relatively informative as it is packed with detailed information regarding usability. The content is a bit similar to regarding the audience it targets. However, it fails in task analysis because the information lacks precision and is not memorable. Its navigation feature ranks highly due to the presence of a search box enabling the user to navigate the content of the website easily. The website response speed is relatively high while its website file size is big. One feature that the website could improve is its webpage color choice and cross platform compatibility. Additionally, the website seems to lack a distinction between the webpage and the home page.
In terms of content, has a better rating than the other two websites. Even though the websites do not offer the same content, the information availed to the users in is more detailed and serves the intended purpose. It serves the purpose since it clearly outlays the necessary information regarding how to gauge the usability of a website, the tools to be used and even a forum for enabling the users of the website to ask questions. The information on the website is suited to the users of the website. on the other hand lacks cross platform features in its home page, while fails to appropriately reach the intended target audience and would benefit greatly from stating clearly on its home page, the purpose of the website. Essentially, the outlook on is more user friendly and inviting, starting from its detailed information and easy accessibility.
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