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The paper "How Hackers Conduct Cybercrime, Methods to Secure Systems" highlights that cyber terrorism is an issue that has become costly for the world within modern times. The frequency and the economic impacts of the attacks are severe and demand immediate attention to the problem. …
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How Hackers Conduct Cybercrime, Methods to Secure Systems
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Download file to see previous pages High intensity of network attacks has pushed organizations to invest in more secure systems that can resist external attacks and limit access to organization resources. However, cybercriminals use a broad range of techniques to attack networks including use of Trojan programs, fishing mails, and indirect attacks. Although various approaches to guarantee online security are available, there is evidence that cybercrime is still a challenge that information systems have to address.
A close analysis of the problem of cybercrime shows that the problem has become severe and needs an immediate remedy. For instance, in the UK, the banking sector loses approximately £1 billion to cybercrime and customer trust is at stake in this sector (Barclays, 2013). The banking sector is a major contributor to the economy of the country contributing about 8% of the UK Gross Domestic Product but now falls under great threat from cybercriminals. According to United States Department of Crime and Justice, (2013) about 5 million Americans are hacked every year and their identity information is used and at least $50 million dollars is lost to cyber-criminals. In China, Anderson reports that in China, over 700,000 web users fall victim of cybercrime every without their knowledge and over $874 million is lost to fraudsters. Despite the imperative efforts that have been engaged to tackle the problem, cybercrime continues to be a big problem in many countries. The 2013 cybercrime report presented by Sophos new cyber threats has brought new trends in online business. This report indicates that Blackhole is a new malware that has heightened the problem of cybercrime. Surprisingly, US host over 30% of the Blackhole sites while China hosts over 5% of these sites. These trends indicate that there is a need for stricter policies to curb cybercrime in the business market.
Hackers are people who exploit weaknesses within computer systems to access the system. Research shows that hackers are experts who have the knowledge and deep understanding of computer systems and networks and act on personal behalf or on behalf of others.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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