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Analyze the impact of technology on a field of study of your choice - Essay Example

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The Impact of Mobile Devices on Cyber Security The Impact of Mobile Devices on Cyber Security The widespread popularity of mobile devices such as Smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads has made modern life more convenient and productive…
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Analyze the impact of technology on a field of study of your choice
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Download file to see previous pages It is observed that today mobile devices proliferate in corporate environments as these devices can be easily connected to company networks. Although these devices have become an integral part of the modern life, they raise certain potential challenges to the cyber security. According to experts, it is relatively easy to hack mobile devices as compared to other computer devices. Hence, they are highly prone to data theft. In addition, today mobile devices are widely used for cyber crimes because this practice reduces the chances of being caught. Despite numerous advantages including high productivity and greater convenience, mobile devices raise severe threats to cyber security. According to a study conducted among IT professionals (as cited in Dimensional research, 2012), nearly 89% of the organizations connect mobile devices to their corporate networks. Roughly 65% participants responded that their employees used private mobile devices to access the corporate networks. The participants also indicated the major mobile platforms used to access corporate networks were Apple iOS (30%), BlackBerry (29%), and Android (21%). Majority of the participants (64%) argued that there has been an increase in mobile devices-related security risks to their organizations over the past two years (Dimensional research, 2012). ...
For instance, it is often observed that employees connect their personal mobile devices to unprotected company networks like Wi-Fi in order to access internet. This practice increases the chances of malware attacks on the company networks and subsequently the malware-affected network may cause to lose the valuable business information stored in the company’s mobile devices. In addition, fraud employees can easily copy sensitive company information to their personal mobile devices within seconds and such issues can challenge the firm’s cyber security. Similarly, mobile devices are extremely prone to theft and loss due to their small size and high portability. If mobile devices reach the hands of third parties, they can access the data stored in it using highly advanced applications even though those devices are password-protected. Due to their small size, it is easy for external people to steal mobile devices. Evidently, data theft by individuals would more harmfully affect an organization than data loss due to malware attacks. In case of data theft, there might be a possibility of leaking the sensitive data to business competitors. This type of data loss or theft from mobile devices would extremely impact individuals too. Probably, people will store their family-related images and videos and other personal documents on their mobile devices. If such data are accessed by unauthorized people, this would cause great troubles to the users. Kuspriyanto and Noor (2012) point that the use of NFC (near field communication) in mobile payments systems make mobile platforms vulnerable to financially motivated cybercrimes. Evidently, such issues often cause users to suffer huge financial losses. Today, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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