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Social Networking Security Issues and the emerging threats to users of these websites - Essay Example

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No one can feel himself/herself secure over the Internet. We are facing many computer criminal attacks from diverse countries and continents. It is the need of the hour that we…
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Social Networking Security Issues and the emerging threats to users of these websites
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Extract of sample "Social Networking Security Issues and the emerging threats to users of these websites"

Download file to see previous pages In this research I will outline the main security threats that have emerged recently because of extensive web based environment. This main focus of this research is to assess the social networking security. Social networks are common among the present generation and people are extensively participating in these areas. The main reason behind this participation is the availability of the huge knowledge and information at the same place. This allows the participation in different social activities, exchange knowledge, and experience, making friends, and also business marketing. These social networks offer us great advantage for all above mentioned tasks but also a great challenge for the personal privacy attacks and other type of security issues.
The uniqueness of social network sites is not that they permit individuals to meet strangers, however rather that they facilitate people to develop and make recognizable their social networks. This can result in communication among users that would not in other ways be made, although that is not the major objective, and these communications are normally between "latent ties" the people sharing some offline connections (Boyd & Ellison, 2007). One thing can be concluded from the above discussion that there are security threats connected with social networking: data stealing and viruses are growing threats. The most widespread threat however frequently engages online individuals who declare to be someone that they are not. However, threat does survive not only with online networking; they also remain with networking out in the actual world, as well. For instance people are advised when meeting unknown persons at clubs and bars, school etc. So we should be careful when meeting people online (What is Social Networking, 2009).
Social networking websites have turned out to be a family name in todays world. No matter, it is our ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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