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Cyber Crime - Coursework Example

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The paper "Cyber Crime" discusses that generally speaking, there is still hope for everyone in the cyber world that the advent of new technology not only provides loopholes for criminals to get in and opportunities to spin the world on their fingertips. …
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Cyber Crime
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Extract of sample "Cyber Crime"

Download file to see previous pages Since a few decades, the development of internet and computer technology has revolutionized the world upside down. It has been able to attract every single person or group from a teenager to a schoolteacher, to an ordinary businessperson to CEOs of multinational companies, from governments to international agencies, and from the public to private sectors. Keeping the exaggeration aside, the astonishing scope of these powerful tools has changed the way of doing communication and business, quickening the way up to the world globalization (Broadhurst, pp. 1-4).
The development and convergence of high technology computer systems and information technology have provided innumerable advantages to this world. However, with these greater benefits, we have become vulnerable to many cybercriminals that are present across the world. With these risks, it is evident that internet security is not only the concern of computer wizards but also the concern of every single person engaged with this splendid technology, with this cybercrime has become a real threat to the world’s internet security.
Cybercrime is the crime or any malicious and wrongful activity targeted at a computer or a computer system (Stephenson, pp. 03). Cybercrime is the vicious and condemnable usage of any computer system or any computer network in the world of internet. This misuse is followed by an attack or misuse against the computer systems for reprehensible objectives and condemnable aims; abuses and crimes from existing crooks using advanced technology; or the advancement of new abuses, and offensive crimes that have arisen with the development and growth of the internet (Savona, pp. 33).
Cyber Crimes have been categorized into two different classes. Firstly, cybercrime has been associated with the utilization of the computer system or network as a target or as a tool. The second way to classify cybercrime is the way used by the FBI in preventing and fights against the cyber crimes.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cyber Crime Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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