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The author of the paper is writing to be considered for the position of Senior Systems / Network Engineer as advertised in the media under Ref KP955-944. The author would like to join a team so that he can use his skills and knowledge in helping the organization achieve its objectives and fulfill its mission…
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The Position of Senior Systems / Network Engineer
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The position of Network Engineer at HTC has helped me hone both my written and verbal communication skills which are needed in dealing with various clients. My ability to critically look into the various computer and network issues raised by the clients has enabled me to develop vital problem-solving skills which are key in succeeding in the position.
My hand on experience, knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm undoubtedly makes me the right candidate for the position and I believe they will help me fulfill the job specifications. I value improvement and therefore I strive to adapt to changes in the work environment to be able to improve both efficiency and productivity.
Please find enclosed a copy of my resume for your review. My communication channels will always be open so that I do not miss the wonderful opportunity to join your firm. Thank you for your consideration
Yours Sincerely, Read More
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The Position of Senior Systems / Network Engineer Admission Application Essay.
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