Failures of DRM and Digital content copyright - Essay Example

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This exposes digital contents to various risks and threats such as theft and misuse, unauthorized distribution, plagiarism and…
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Failures of DRM and Digital content copyright
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Computer Sciences and Information Technology Failures of DRM and Digital Content Copyright Lecturer’s Fundamental Problems with Digital Copyright Protection
The safety of digital contents has not been perfect because of the ability of people to produce their exact copies for very easy distribution. This exposes digital contents to various risks and threats such as theft and misuse, unauthorized distribution, plagiarism and impersonation (Coyle 2013, p. 51).
1.1. Theft and Subsequent Misuse
Once a person gains access to the digital contents, he or she steals and uses the contents for selfish gain without the owner’s approval.
1.2. Unauthorized Distribution
A person obtains digital contents and distributes in return for financial gain, denying the original owner the privilege of distribution and regulation of prices.
1.3. Plagiarism
A person reproduces copies of the digital contents under his or her own names instead of the names original owner (Campidoglio, Frattolillo & Landolfi 2009, p. 526). The end client therefore considers the products as original and genuine.
1.4. Impersonation
A person obtains digital content either legally or illegally, and then forges the identity of the original owner such that the clients consider the products as genuine.
2. Past Solutions for the Problems
2.1. Digital Rights Management (DRM)
The DRM strategy is to use encryption and restrictive License agreements.
2.1.1. Strengths and Successes
It prevents access and copying or conversion of data to various formats.
2.1.2. Weaknesses and Failures
There is a great risk of data loss of music and software in the absence of the playback media. Additionally, according to Hombal & Prasad (2012, p. 237), the media must keep changing from one data format to another.
2.2. License Agreements
Digital licensing operates in assumption that both the licensor and the licensee complies to the terms and conditions.
2.2.1. Strengths and Successes
It supports the dynamic exchange of information between the licensors and licensees for easy identification, delivery and payment.
2.2.2. Weaknesses and Failures
There is no control over the violation of the licenses over digitally copyrighted materials as they are distributed in diverse creative ways (Roettgers 2010, p. 9).
2.3. National Copyright Protection Law
The law is enforced by the state to deter copyright theft. Under the law, violation of copyright property ownership is subjected to prosecution.
2.3.1. Strengths and Successes
The state offers partnership in backing the law and prosecuting offenders.
2.3.2. Weaknesses and Failures
Compliance to the law is difficult to enforce.
3. Currently Proposed Solutions
Following the weaknesses of the three past laws, two solutions are proposed by this study including post-delivery licensing and dynamic auto sensing.
3.1. Post-delivery Licensing
3.1.1. Mechanism
Producers of digital materials ought to generate device-specific and product-specific licenses, which are only issued to the client after delivery, for use in specific devices. This implies that any reproduced copies only operate in the originally licensed device and the licensed product.
3.1.2. Possible Success
This process can eliminate the reproduction of digital products because licenses will not be reusable.
3.2. Dynamic Auto Sensing
3.2.1. Mechanism
Producers ought to collaborate with network experts such that if any attempt to reproduce digital materials in a device is sensed from any location. This requires a great deal of partnership, involving the hardware manufacturers who should install the electronic tracking units in the hardware devices. The devices can be configured to send information to central location for monitoring copyright reproduction.
3.2.2. Possible Success
It will be easier to locate the users of digital materials without valid licenses. This will discourage potential pirates of digital materials.
Roettgers, J 2010, DRM fail: five broken copy protection schemes Online.
Coyle, K 2013, The technology of rights: Digital rights management. Based on a talk given at Library of Congress, p.51.
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