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Are We Too Dependent on Computers - Essay Example

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The paper "Are we too Dependent on Computers?" states that musicians are using computers to conduct virtual performances instead of attending live shows, while politicians are using computers to address their followers instead of meeting them and talking to them in person…
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Are We Too Dependent on Computers
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Download file to see previous pages In this debate, I will argue that we are too dependent on computers.
Progress is a natural aspect of humanity. People often seek new ideas, concepts and theories to support changing needs. In addition, the human capacity to think differentiates us from animals and drives us to want bigger, better, or more efficient tools to facilitate the execution of tasks. Computers are an example of a tool invented to make it easier to perform duties in an efficient and convenient manner. In spite of their contribution to human development, computers have also robbed us of certain aspects of our humanity, especially our social element. Human beings are naturally social; we always seek others for company and support in every possible way. However, computers are taking and have been taking this attribute away from us since they were invented. Today, it is common to see people using computers to perform everything, even tasks that can be carried out without technological assistance.
In school, students are using calculators, which are minicomputers, to perform computations even when they do not really need to. It is also common to see people flashing out their gadgets at social gatherings and immersing themselves in online forums when they should be socializing with others. Smartphones, which are basically computers in their own right, and laptops, are now present in every corner of our lives. We have placed these devices on such a high pedestal that we view them as viable alternatives to other people.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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