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Are we too dependent on computers - Research Paper Example

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In fact, that its programs or sequence of operations are flexible and can be manipulated implies that a computer can be used to solve…
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Are we too dependent on computers
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Extract of sample "Are we too dependent on computers"

Download file to see previous pages Used in controlling and sequencing operations in a computer are the control and sequencing units respectively. Since its invention, the computer has caused hitherto unimagined changes in the nature of man’s life. In fact, computers are today required and used in almost all professions and spheres of life known to man. Among the uses of a computer include internet, desktop publishing, digital video and audio composition, in medication and diagnosis, mathematical calculations, e-learning, ATMs, media, and business (Stokes, 2007). The other fields in which computers are extensively used are the aviation industry, sports, and weather analysis. From these applications of computers, it is apparent that almost all spheres of life are affected by the computer. It may thus be asserted without fear of contradiction that computers have pushed the society into hitherto unfathomed levels of proficiency and efficiency. In fact, computers are currently leading the human mission to eradicate social problems such as illiteracy and poverty, making it rather difficult fro people to envisage what a world bereft of computers would look like (Ifrah, 2001). This paper explores the assertion that people are too dependent on computers.
Despite the myriad advantages and benefits of computers, the evident overuse of computers by man in almost all spheres of life has been decried given that this overdependence has caused numerous negative health and social problems that future researches should focus on.
Despite the fact that it has made work and life easier and more enjoyable to some extent, opinions differ on the extent to which man depends on the computer and the positive and negative impacts of this overdependence on computer and related technologies. Generally, computers are regarded as rather helpful tools for saving time at workplace and at study. For instance, in a school environment, computers may help a student save on time by cancelling out the need to visit libraries or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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