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Dependency on Computers - Essay Example

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The technological era is here to stay for the moment at least; and it has brought along with it a plethora of new gadgets and devices, the most famous of them all being the computer or the laptop. …
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Dependency on Computers
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Download file to see previous pages However, the question is whether or not it is feasible to post every daily action onto a computer, because after all, people are losing out on their identities as mentioned within the purview of this paper. There are various possible claims available for this paper; some might say that dependency on computers is valid because computers are the future of the world; they help in minimising manual work; gaining efficiency as well as assisting in executing new ideas. However, on the other hand, the other school of thought suggests that despite all the help that computers provide people with, they lead to a disintegration of society by slowly leading to the loss of personal identity – this means that with excessive dependency on computers, man will be losing out on his intelligence and brain power. Both these claims are discussed further within the purview of this essay, with valid examples. My position regarding the topic is that people are too dependent on computers even though it helps them more than affects them in a negative manner. In today’s world, a computer is not just another inanimate object, but an animate one; it is literally like an individual’s slave and performs all the necessary functions for social and professional well being. No person is able to work without the help of a computer; for example in school and college life it involves submitting assignments and carrying out research work, in the work sphere it includes working on different types of software in order to achieve an organisation’s goals, at home, it provides for leisure time on various social networking websites through the internet and also helps a person to enjoy himself by playing games or writing. Today, most writers have also shunned the use of the pen and have taken to working with laptops and computers in order to get their work done. However, sometimes, this hampers the personal growth of an individual because it leads to them losing out on their writing skills and abilities. For example, when a person is using the computer to write, he has access to internet sources and pages as well as a dictionary and a thesaurus which makes him change his words every now and then. Thus, the end result so procured is hardly a personal thought and becomes a robotic one instead. However, with the help of the pen, one can easily write what he feels about the situation or circumstance instead of using help from other sources. Furthermore, the internet also makes people indulge in plagiarism or stealing of other people’s works for the purpose of completion of their projects and papers. This is almost like theft of intellectual property and thus should not be encouraged. Using a computer has become a reflex action in people’s lives; they cannot function without switching on their screens at least five times a day. In order to support this very claim, I would like to take the example of this very paper being written and read, which was done only with the help of a computer. Dependency is a good thing, especially if the object being used is helping a person rather than harming him. Every object has negative connotation attached to it however the point is to look at the positives. On the other hand, the computer facilitates networking and helps people to connect with each other via the internet; this is primarily one of the main reasons that people are so dependent on the computer. If they want to look up some information these days, books are barely opened because it is much easier to find information on the computer with the click of a mouse. The government also makes use of the computer in order to get its work done in a more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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