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All the daily users of computer and network, are expected to adhere and obey the use secrecy and others rights. This should not be violated in any circumstances. The…
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Acceptable Use Policy & Security Audit
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Acceptable use policy and general objective For a fair, acceptable and responsible use of IT, there should be a lot of secrecy and individual privileges. All the daily users of computer and network, are expected to adhere and obey the use secrecy and others rights. This should not be violated in any circumstances. The files, data and programs of others should be used without their consent. People using the various networks and computer systems should not intimidate, insult, deform and threaten other users is not permitted. This might lead to disciplinary action through legal suits.
Users have the right to protect their accounts. By ensuring there password to their different user name are well guarded from access. Also obtaining other vital information is illegal and greatly obstructed. This may results in termination of the network or service being used. It serves as a way protect to privacy to personal information. This ensures information is only accessed by the original and not pirated users.
The scope is to facilitate smooth, easy, and effective and joyful use of the networks and systems, the policies and rules cover the entire user using the facility. This include both hardware’s and software, connection and licensed using the network, also these rule, plans and regulations applies to various individuals and companies connected to the system
The policy of the system should only be altered by the owner or management team assigned. He is the one responsible of creating new interfaces, colour, size and designing of the network. The policy majorly, helps in protecting and guiding users from violating company obligation and rules (Laver 78). Also users feel their privacy is greatly and well protected.
Al the users should adhere to companies rules and regulation. Failure to which, their service will be terminated and removed from the network. Abusive and harassing others is prohibited and might lead to suits in law courts. They should also report abusive languages and any general views on how to improve service delivery (Laver 23).
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Acceptable Use Policy & Security Audit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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