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Computer Glossary - Essay Example

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Projects involve the creation of documents and media files, mainly in proprietary format; e.g. advertisement copy, scripts for video shoots, campaign schedules, artwork etc., that must be regularly exchanged in digital format with clients for comment and approval.
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Computer Glossary
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"Computer Glossary"

Download file to see previous pages 3. Set the Root Password for Ix
a. Enter password for root user.
0 b. Re-enter password to confirm (passwords must match).
1 *N.B.: If you change the root password, your work may be lost, which you will have to recreate on a new installed server. Never work in root unless you must configure the server.
4. Create a Regular User Account for Ix
a. Enter a user name and full name for the account.
0 b. Enter password, re-enter, and confirm password.
b. Sensitive Data
The problems with encrypting all stored data is difficult to impossible. Therefore, certain measures must be taken in order to ensure data security.
1. Storage
a. Network-Files are protected by ciphers. In environments where there are many people on a server, methods of encryption are preferable. On the Win system, you must configure the fileserver. Within the Win, EFS is used as the default file encryption mechanism.
b. Internet-Any transfer of sensitive data must be cryptographically enabled.

1. Network-The most sensitive data on network is encrypted. Firewall technology is one feature of database security. Data-sharing is necessary.
2. Internet-There must be separate encryption for transit and storage.
III. Procedures
a. Authentication
1. Internal to LAN
a. Use the Universal Group model.
2. External to LINUX
a. All log-ons cryptographically enabled; permit only
three attempts before disabling account temporarily

3. To Database Server
a. Authentication allows or deny access.
b. Authorization
Authorization is...
This would be networked to the LAN. It has not yet been decided whether or not there is a requirement for a separate database server to be added to the network, however this will be provided for.
2. Objects within the AD recognizes transitive trusts/forests. In this case, this represents individual functions like a hierarchy. The company's site represents the structure of the company and will maximize the flow of data. The company, for our purposes, has a domain with an OU within it.
a. Network-Files are protected by ciphers. In environments where there are many people on a server, methods of encryption are preferable. On the Win system, you must configure the fileserver. Within the Win, EFS is used as the default file encryption mechanism.
"Blocking scheme" is used, while form updates are collected together on the user's workstation without consuming any network or server resources, and are submitted en masse when the SUBMIT tag is selected.
1. In Win, when both explicit and inherited ACEs are applied to an object, explicit ACEs are checked before the inherited ACEs; access is allowed or denied by the explicit even if the obverse is the case by inheritance.
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Computer Glossary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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