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This term paper "Network Architecture and Security Considerations in IISC" is aimed to analyze the Security Administrator Handbook of the IISC. Providing a secure architecture guarantees that the cost of system failure, recovery process, interruption of business operations are at minimal…
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Network Architecture and Security Considerations in IISC
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Download file to see previous pages All users of a wireless network for IISC must take necessary protocols, including the use of strongest-possible encryption, passwords, and virus protection criteria, to combat risks to Identity Internet Solutions Company’s data and information systems linked with the application of wireless access technologies.
The purpose of this policy is to offer protection to confidential information as well as integrity and availability of the wireless network infrastructure. It protects the aforementioned aspects from a compromise that may be triggered by unauthorized access, and to prevent deployment of open and unsecured wireless access platforms.
Users are strictly disallowed from using or rather installing their personal Access Points within the network. If any of such devices are discovered, IISC IT department reserves the right to unplug and render them dysfunctional at the router level. However, persistent violation of this policy requirement will be regarded as a violation of Acceptable Use Policy and can attract disciplinary action that may include, but not limited to, a legal action.
All forms of data communication and operations within the wireless network shall be regarded as untrusted. Therefore, all users will be subject to the limitation provided to protect the security and integrity of data in the entire communication network.
Accessibility to the Internet shall be offered with the least possible limitations. However, users making use of the internet service shall be subject to terms and conditions stipulated in the Acceptable Use Policy.
Authentication shall be fixed to Share Key Authentication instead of default Open Systems Authentication so as to compel prospective clients to authenticate themselves before getting permission to connect to the wireless network. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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