Assignment 1: Network Consultation for DesignIT - Coursework Example

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The document presents design and architecture of computer network to be deployed as per the requirements provided by the DesignIT. The document suggests the hardware and software applications to be deployed and implemented in the DesignIT, along with the associated costs of the hardware and software. …
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Assignment 1: Network Consultation for DesignIT
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Download file to see previous pages The network design given below shows that the topology of the network is Star. Therefore, the cables from all the devices (computers, servers, wireless access points, etc.) would be terminated into the switch. The size of the space undertaken by the DesignIT is 56’ x 36’, therefore, after analysis it is determined that a roll of cable would be enough for connecting the computers, printers, servers, routers and wireless access points to the Switch. Moreover, it is recommended that the Design utilizes the cable of Category Five (Cat 5) for connecting the devices to the switch utilizing RJ45 connector.
The following diagram shows the network design and architecture to be deployed in the DesignIT.
In order to prevent the network and digital information either from an unauthorized access from the intruders or viruses and malware, there are various hardware and software required to be implemented. For instance, in terms of hardware, the Firewall and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) are used disallow the unauthorized persons to access information available over the network and sniff the network to detect the abnormal content trying to enter the network. However, on the other hand, it is recommended for the DesignIT to install the antivirus software applications to prevent the viruses to enter into the network. From the many available antivirus software applications, it is suggested that the DesignIT should install Symentic Endpoint Protection. Moreover, it is suggested that the company would implement a strong password policy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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