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ISA Server - Research Paper Example

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Microsoft is one of the biggest manufacturers of operating systems but this company is trying to present itself as one of the leading provider of complete IT solutions concerning business beside providing operating systems so, they came up with Internet Security and Acceleration…
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ISA Server
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Download file to see previous pages However, the first edition has many restrictions and it was designed to be compatible with only a few of the Internet protocols. Furthermore, the second version was useful and it has expected function and one of its great functions, is to use Windows NT account databases. Finally, they came up with ISA Server, which has many tools and functions.
ISA Server supports so many functions that its editions before. In addition, ISA Server components a lot of options and one of most important options is that Firewall. Moreover, it can support any version of Windows Server from Windows 2000 and they are used to offer certain security functions either at individual level or group level. Other than that, the Policy-based administration, Virtual Private network support, Proxy Server, Web Cache, and Dynamic IP filtering are other functions or tools that ISA Server provides. Finally, this paper is continuing talking about its functions and what hardware and software are required to use it also method of installed it and configured it (Shinder, Shinder, & Grasdal).
The Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server) is a specialized server that offers a network layer firewalls for organizations and Web Cache solutions for windows. It is also helpful in providing secured and reliable internet connectivity. ISA server is multi featured product that can help any organization in a variety of ways and helps in providing a unique system of securing the internet connectivity with incorporated firewall, VPN server, and gateway along with a Web proxy. ISA server can be configured to provide all of the above facilities or can be set up for any one of the sub set requirement. This feature has an edge for the ISA server with other servers that the installation of the program is without any disruption or interference in the activities of work at the same time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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