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EISA: Client/Server vs. Web-based Approaches - Essay Example

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The General Electric business desires to enhance the corporate working and management of the business by implementing these two technologies. These two network…
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EISA: Client/Server vs. Web-based Approaches
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"EISA: Client/Server vs. Web-based Approaches"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, server is free from huge processing, also, there is no need to buy huge server. In this structure client is accountable for the graphical presentation of layer, in addition to things similar to field edits, error handling etc (Zhaao, 2000).
For the business of General Electric the technology of the Client/Server network could also be recognized as the "rich clients," in which they are permitted to have additional complex graphical user interfaces as well as utilize the client-side processing for the business applications. In addition, the DCOM, COM, and Active X allow client-side handling and processing in Microsoft environment (Zhaao, 2000).
The Client/server based network offers the direct manipulation of data, like that dragging and dropping elements, storing data locally and client side-processing. In this way General Electric Corporation does not need to buy so much powerful servers. Since, in working environment the processing load is divided among the network systems and server (Shah, 2009).
In scenario of system costs the client-server technology is offering facilities of upgrades as well as we get concession from the software provider if we want to get the latest features or support (Clouse, 2009).
In case of client/server network system the main problem is that, we need to have a license for each Windows on each PC that needs to run it. This aspect of network technology can be very costly, as well as we have to include disk space and installation scripts etc. This is not essentially an easy step for huge organizations having old PCs. Since, we frequently discover that latest applications with drivers to install create some installation conflicts (Clouse, 2009).
Another main and biggest disadvantage we have is about the limitation of the Client/Server network. The Client/Server network is offering approach and network working services only reach to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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