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The quality management plan entails quality planning, quality assurance, control and improvement (Project Management Institute, 2004). To ensure…
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Project Closure Plan
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The paper is aimed at describing the process of system development project management study for a proposed system design for the Steers Restaurant management staff to ease the operation of the business process within the company. The Steers Restaurant is also licensed to cook, serve and deliver food products. The Steers Restaurant and its chain of food stores have increased the choice of consumers to eat food at their favorite food take out joints, mostly the Steers Restaurants.
Steers Restaurant is based on a quality management practice and years of experience in dealing with home cooked food products and beverages. Steers Restaurant is a limited liability company started in 2003 with the objective of dealing in foods and beverages and its delivery to consumers in a quality fashion. The company was started by its directors, using their own savings. The company wants to deliver high quality service to its clients via complete devotion to work by its business personnel and board of directors. The long-term goals set by the business are to outrival their competitors in the food provision and delivery industry via edging itself out using technological platforms.
As a result it has led to a one stop purchase and delivery point that requires the use of an online based system to manage both the clients and management staff to promote better and fast service delivery for the company. This project document will explain the various modules entailed in the project management life cycle for developing the proposed system. The contents will highlight on the project charter, project, management plan cope statement, work breakdown structure, communication strategy and the risk management plan.
The project charter highlights on the key elements of the system that can be used to convince the stakeholders to accept the idea of the system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Project Closure Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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