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This type of learning goes further than the traditional schooling throughout a person’s life as an adult. In the technical field, life-long learning is important since it is…
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Life long learning
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Life-long learning Life-long learning refers to an individual’s pursuit of knowledge throughout his or her life. This type of learning goes further than the traditional schooling throughout a person’s life as an adult. In the technical field, life-long learning is important since it is essential for technology professionals to update their technical skills and knowledge frequently (Osorio, Arthur, & Adrie 34). The technical field experiences several changes at a very fast rate. For this reason, advances on internet access will make it possible for the learners to acquire technological information or training at anytime and anywhere. Through information technology, people can improve the availability and quality of education at all levels. Life-long learning makes it possible for individuals to acquire knowledge on some of the new research or experiments available for the technical field.
In the field of information technology (IT), individuals can learn virtually. Achieving this ability is possible by using electronic tools such as personal computers and accessing the internet. These electronic tools create some form of flexibility since people can choose to learn anytime at any place they choose without experiencing social status, time and venue constraints (Osorio, Arthur, & Adrie 36). Institutions of higher education can make use of advancements in communication technologies to offer learning opportunities to individuals outside the traditional classrooms. It is possible to achieve this consideration by using the e-learning platform. In this case, people should consider e-learning as supportive to the traditional learning methods such as the classroom environment. When educational institutions implement e-learning initiatives, they unite the process of conventional and distance education. Such a consideration will make it possible for interested individuals to expand their knowledge in the field of information technology. Through e-learning, it will also be possible for a person to keep up-to-date with technical developments.
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