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Government Policy in The Life Long Learning Sector/Further Education - Essay Example

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QUALITY TEACHING AND LEARNING SKILLS (QTLS) POLICY Institution Professor Date Introduction In most countries across the world, governments are keen on the management of education system considering the significance of education on national development…
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Government Policy in The Life Long Learning Sector/Further Education
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Extract of sample "Government Policy in The Life Long Learning Sector/Further Education"

Download file to see previous pages Well educated population has the maximum potential of exploiting exiting natural resources for the benefit of a country’s economy. In that case, most governments have resorted to setting of national educational standards designated towards achieving specific country’s development goals. The governments have achieved specific set standards through outlining of certain policies perfect for the achievement of the goals. Quality Teaching and Learning Skills (QTLS) in one of the most outspoken policy in the U.K considering remarkable fruits that have yielded from its adoption and implementation. QTLS has also been emulated by other countries like Australia, which have realized the contemporary benefits underlined in this policy. Policy Evaluation James and Pollard (2006, 4) report that Quality Teaching and Learning Skills (QTLS) policy have resulted in immeasurable changes in the education system. Adoption of QTLS policy has helped groups to develop intellectual, social and self resources that enable them to engage in active production. Group work system of student’s learning has fostered understanding and confidence to many students due to its entities that encourage interactions among students with diverse intelligence quotient (IQ). James and Pollard (2006, 4) add that QTLS policy has enabled various individuals in the learning sector to develop positive attitudes towards each other in spite of diversity of colour, race, religion and nationality. Adoption and implementation of QTLS has seen individuals join hands and participate in active national economic construction. QTLS policy has also worked towards enlightening individuals on realization of importance considering equity and social justice to curb elements of civil wars within societies. James and Pollard (2006, 4) confirm that implementation of QTLS policy in the education sectors to greater extent has shaped up participants in the sector of education to fit and coexist harmoniously in the society with abundant respect to self and others. Adoption of QTLS policy has shaped the way and system used by teachers in their teaching practice. QTLS policy has set measures that require teachers to gather clear understanding of subjects and topics before getting into class. These measures have reformed teachers styles used by teachers in tackling particular fields of study and has opened door for insight advice from the teachers to the learners (Reimers 2003, 39). The policy has set pace that teachers of specific subjects should abide by when handling certain topics of study. The policy has ensured that teachers of certain subjects pay close monitor to the progress of their students and sound off corrections in case of any misunderstanding among the students (James and Pollard 2006, 4). In addition, QTLS policy has created sufficient teaching time for teachers with recommendations that teachers keep close inspection and diagnosis of students’ work and help them to improve in areas of difficulty. Teachers have been able to raise questions during class lessons and, which has enabled them to carry review of particular topics to confirm the students’ understanding. Through close monitory, learners and teachers have been motivated in their duties since all parties at particular point in time get full satisfaction of the learning process (James and Pollard 2006, 4). In the view of James and Pollard (2006, 5), QTLS policy has drove teachers to the realization of setting structures and activities of emotional, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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