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The exponential growth in information and technology in the 21st century has that created a paradigm shift causing schools and businesses to no longer focus on the content of learning, which quickly becomes out dated, but to focus on the ongoing process of learning and it will be discussed in the paper…
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Formal Education
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Download file to see previous pages Studies have found that de-regulation and flexible labour markets lead to the strongest results as well as create social balance within the economic classes buoying commercial and national economics as well as stability. As societies move away from focusing on manufactured products the government seeks to encourage “knowledge workers” in order to increase competitiveness. Knowledge is not seen as an individual effort, but a collective one based on social interaction that forms an ever growing web linking families, organizations, businesses, and ultimately local, national, and international economies. In order for businesses to insure their workers have access to information-based learning, they have altered the learning delivery systems. No longer confined to expensive schooling at stagnant locations which do not respond to customer needs, education now means various sites and access points for open and distance learning based on information and communication technology. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) represents one of the strongest, centralized training organizations in the field of lifelong learning. The 2006 Leitch Review reveals this system operates by “top-down, command and control targets set by the centres with minimal consultation.” III: Government Policies and Attitudes on the Purpose of Lifelong Learning Shifting away from the previous government’s focus on what Bartlett and Burton labeled “the third way,” the New Labour Party has abolished or replaced the National Training Organisations (NTOs,) the NTOs National Council, Training and Enterprise Councils (TECs), the TEX National Council, and the Further Education Funding Council for England, the LSC and local learning and skills councils, the...
This paper approves that although the current Conservative-Liberal Democratic Government is attempting to provide skills development to insure increased productivity and inter-generational social mobility that in turn reduces poverty and social inequality, 22 percent of jobs remain low paid. Programs attempt to operate inclusively to attract even reluctant and “non-traditional” learners offering them avenues to evolve their sense of self-identity and control over and responsibility for their livelihoods. However, it is important to consider how the recent economic downturn has affected the government’s and the average citizen’s ability to invest funds in these programs. At the same time, education remains one of the most vital long-term solutions to national and individual competitiveness.
This essay makes a conclusion that in conclusion, David Blunkett, Secretary of State for Learning and Education, stated “Learning is the key to prosperity - for each of us as individuals, as well as for the nation as a whole. This is why the Government has put learning at the heart of its ambition.” According to Field for government, learning that is both lifelong and life-wide relates to globalisation, competitiveness and innovation and connects to issues such as “population ageing, social inclusion, public health, migrant assimilation and active citizenship.” Therefore, formal learning as related to lifelong learning functions as an essential cornerstone of effective government policy serving a fundamental purpose within England to ensure a satisfied citizenry who is able to compete within the Information Age. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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