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Learning The Portfolio - Essay Example

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An essay "Learning The Portfolio" reports that the cost of maintaining the program, personal cost, and the startup cost are examples of expenses that a DE student may encounter during his learning program. However, the success at the university would have a substantial effect on my life…
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Learning The Portfolio
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"Learning The Portfolio"

Download file to see previous pages The cost of maintaining the program, personal cost, and the startup cost are examples of expenses that a DE student may encounter during his learning program. However, the success at the university would have a substantial effect on my life. As a practicing nurse, the success in GER 401 would give out a certification of my profession. This means that, without this achievement, I may not be able to advance into my profession. This post will respond to a post that was made by one of my classmates in regards to my earlier post. In his post, Greg argued that despite the fact that distance education students face a number of challenges, startup cost may not be regarded as one of the challenges. He added that the cost of starting up a distance education learning program only depends on the parents and administrators of the program. Even though the cost of starting a distance education is lower than the expected benefits, the startup cost is still extremely high to the students and their families. Aside from the tuition fee for the program, there are other factors like the cost of accessing the Internet, cost of purchasing books and other study materials which may appear to be high to many students. This is a critical concern and should, therefore, never be ignored especially if the challenge of the DE students needs to be addressed. Portfolio Task 2 After locating the given article (Resistance training and older adults’ beliefs about psychological benefits: The importance of self-efficacy and social interaction. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 29(6), 723–746), the two selected sources from the reference list include: I. Takeshima, N., Rogers, N., Rogers, M., et al. (2008). Functional fitness in older adults varies depending on the mode of exercise. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 39, 2036–2043. II. Layne, J., Sampson, S., Mallio, C., et al. (2008). Success disseminating a strength community-based training program for old adults by professional leaders: the People Exercise Program. Journal of Am Geriatr Society, 56, 2323–2329. The first article was selected because it is an article which targets are similar to that of the given article. This means that both the first article and the given article to discuss the old adults. The second article was also selected since it discusses training just like the given article. Portfolio Task 3 The keyword used while searching for the database: exercise and the aged The database was chosen because it is an academic search premier (EBSCOhost): This database covers arts and literature and medical sciences. The two articles selected include I. McCormack, J. (2000). Looking back and moving forward? Ageing in Australia 2000. Ageing and Society, 20, 623–631. II. Brandon, L, Boyette, L, Lloyd, A, & Gaasch, D. (2004). Resistive training and long-term functions in an old adult. Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 11, 10–28. Portfolio Task 4 In the article “The Crisis of Our Ageing Population and Other Fairytales,” David Gould argues that there existed a prosperous and rich land. The people who lived in that land were growing to be old. In this case, the residents of that land drained the treasure of the country until everything was exhausted (COM, 2002). These people spent their remaining years in misery and poverty, transforming a wasteland economy to their children. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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