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This has to be done in such a way that only one computer will be able to handle a message and to ensure that two computers will be able to get the information that is sent…
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Download file to see previous pages This helps in storing the same or similar data in one hard disk and thus ensuring that less data is lost. It also makes the work of the technician much easier in terms of referrals and work in general.
There is a software that is used for putting large data in a smaller capacity hard disk. However, most people refrain from using this because retrieving the data may be much more hectic. For a person to retrieve the data, they have to sue the same software that they used to remove it (Robins and Salowe, 2005). In the process, a lot of data may be lost or even corrupted and thus making the entire point of storing information useless or pointless. It is important to note that people do not like to be tied to any kind of software for either storing or retrieving their information. In this case, they look for versatility and efficiency at the same time.
For spanning to be effective, it has to consider how feasible it is and how possible it is to run and to maintain. There are other projects that are known to be not feasible. It would be useless to carrying out a spanning activity that would be detrimental to the actions that he wishes to perform. Issues of feasibility include cost, the acceptability and the appropriateness of the program. It would be useless to carry out an activity that is not appropriate for the action that is to be performed. In this case, the results would not be what is expected and thus make the whole work useless (Monma and Shallcross, 2009). Appropriate means that the action has to be compatible with the technology. For instance, it would be futile to try and use an outdated antivirus to eliminate a virus that has just surfaced.
Chances are very high that the virus is beyond the antivirus and cannot be eliminated at all. This means that the person will have lost money when purchasing the antivirus, they will have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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