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The spanning tree protocol (STP) refers to a network protocol utilised in the creation of a topology that is free from loops that occur on bridged Ethernet networks. The spanning tree concept ensures loop-free through the creation of a redundant link acting as a backup when the…
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Week 3 d 2
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COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY The spanning tree protocol (STP) refers to a network protocol utilised in the creation of a topology that is free from loops that occur on bridged Ethernet networks. The spanning tree concept ensures loop-free through the creation of a redundant link acting as a backup when the active network links fail (Huang, Li, & He, 2006). The protocol functions through creating spanning trees within networks connected by Ethernet switches, then disabling all other links; leaving only one active link between any two networks.
The rapid spanning tree protocol (RSTP) can be described as an extension of the STP that resulted from the evolution of the STP network protocol. This protocol provides a faster spanning tree compared to STP resulting in the introduction of new convergence behaviours of networks at the bridge ports. This protocol functions in a similar manner as the standard STP but the fundamental difference occurs in the time taken to complete the convergence process (Huang et al., 2006). RSTP completes the convergence process quickly eliminating the possibility of lost communication.
Cisco utilises additional spanning trees in seeking to ensure that the protocols operate smoothly in environments where there are several virtual LANs in existence. As the networks grow, Cisco creates multiple spanning trees to ensure each network utilises its own independent links for establishing connection. Cisco has developed multiple instance spanning tree protocol MISTP which is fully compatible with the standards RSTP, and its integration cause s the many bridges to be perceived as a single bridge by the RSTP. The configuration of the standard STP and RSTP does not need to be changed when these Cisco evolutions are integrated, but rather they make the function become faster.
Huang, G., Li, X., & He, J. (2006). Dynamic minimal spanning tree routing protocol for large wireless sensor networks. In 2006 1ST IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (pp. 1–5). IEEE.
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Week 3 D 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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