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Credit cards from the legal perspective (special reference to UAE) - Research Paper Example

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CREDITCARDS FROM THE LEGAL PERSPECTIVE (SPECIAL REFERENCE TO UAE CREDITCARDS FROM THE LEGAL PERSPECTIVE (SPECIAL REFERENCE TO UAE College Name Subject Abstract Credit card offers not only convenience but also has substituted checks which is the traditional mode of payment for any purchases earlier…
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Credit cards from the legal perspective (special reference to UAE)
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Extract of sample "Credit cards from the legal perspective (special reference to UAE)"

Download file to see previous pages . Now, UAE has become a developed market for the usage of credit card due to consumer awareness and due to introduction of innovative creditcard products. There is an allegation about the UAE card issuers that they are charging exorbitant service charges from cardholders in UAE. Further, issuing of creditcards to all the migrant workers without verifying their credit status has brought many legal issues. This research essay will look into in general about creditcards with particular emphasis to the legal issues arising out of credit card business in UAE. CREDITCARDS FROM THE LEGAL PERSPECTIVE (SPECIAL REFERENCE TO UAE) Introduction In UAE, the creditcards are regarded as an essential part of life of UAE citizens as it is being regarded in other parts of the world. Creditcards convenient have come to limelight as it is being recognised everywhere today and because of its acceptable and convenient form of payment. The right usage of credit card offers the cardholder a flexible form of credit payment and may enhance the user’s credit standing, and one may even accrue rewards awarded by creditcard issuers. Nowadays, creditcards have become a common medium of payment. Creditcards are easy to carry, and it is safer than carrying cash. ...
However, if a customer uses a credit card without any rationale, it could be devastating as quick sand. It is alleged that lenders can exploit gullible credit cardholders with the exorbitant interest rates and other penalties like delay for making payment or adding penal interest for late payment. As of today, about 68% of creditcards are being used as a transactional medium by consumers for their convenience who are likely to repay their balances on a monthly basis without any default. As per recent research study made by VISA , as compared to six years ago, there was about 50% of creditcards generated no interest at all to the issuers and whereas now, it is estimated at 60% of cards are being reported to have generated no interest. The popularity of creditcards can be attributed to the convenience in nature and also the credit facility it offers to card holders. Credit card offers not only convenience but also has substituted checks which is the traditional mode of payment for any purchases earlier. Credit card does not require to maintain adequate cash reserves to meet contemporary expenses. It is estimated that about 23% of consumer transactions are being carried over creditcards. Cardholders are permitted to carry interest-free balances for about sixty days as the cardholder is allowed to enjoy the credit not only throughout the credit cycle but also offers a grace period of 20 days after the lapse of the credit period. If a cardholder pays the balances within the credit period, he can avoid the payment of any interest on his credit purchases through his card. It is to be noted that consumers are chiefly employing credit card as an alternative for checks instead of considering it as a source of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Credit Cards from the Legal Perspective (special Reference to UAE) Research Paper.
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