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These groups may belong to a particular community, school or college, or they may belong to a common workplace. Social networking connect individuals who are looking out to meet others whom they know or share some kind of…
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Social Media Individual Assignment
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Running Head: SOCIAL NETWORKING Social Networking Websites Social networking involves grouping of individuals. These groups may belong to a particular community, school or college, or they may belong to a common workplace. Social networking connect individuals who are looking out to meet others whom they know or share some kind of common interest. Social networking is not confined to the acquaints but it is open to all those individuals who like to be connected with others for their work, business, marketing, thoughts, outlook, or interests like cooking, sports, gardening etc. These interests are shared through various websites called social sites. It is away to communicate with people, share feelings, photos, knowledge, politics, hobbies, lifestyles and other interests. Social networking enables individuals to stay connected with each other irrespective of geographical distances, culture, bindings etc. Thus social networking work as an online community. An access to social networking sites enables one to socialize. However, as every technology has pros and cons, social networking also possesses positive and negatives with it.
1. Do you have a page on a social networking Web site?
a. If yes, which one(s)?
b. If no, what is keeping you from creating one?
Yes, I do have social networking site. I have an account on Facebook. It allows me to establish new relationships, reunite with friends and other relatives and strengthen relations. My friends with common interests come on the common platform, i.e. Facebook and can share their thoughts and ideas to march ahead. Social networking facilitates free messaging, gaming, invitations, blogging, sharing events, photos, help either related to some personal matter such as health or some meaningful advice. We share our views, frame opinion and concerns.
2. Is there any content that you definitely would not post on such a page?
Yes, I would not like to share my personal pictures, videos and important files on social network sites as they may be accessed from any corner of the world and could be used/ misused. Hence, I take care while uploading anything on my social network sites.
3. What sorts of restrictions or guidelines should firms place on the use of social networks by employees?
As social media enables its users to access the information uploaded on the social networking sites from any corner of the world it poses numerous problems. The companies must set policies on regulation of social media use which should be amended from time to time especially in the discussions what to share through social networking sites and where to stop else facility like social media network will do more destruction than good
4. Are social computing sites a threat to security?
Social networking sites as other computing sites are prone to the attacks of hackers, they may inject malicious codes into most popular social networking sites, either through advertisements or through third-party apps. Numerous websites may use tricks to make the visitors enter into malicious sites and thereby hackers enter into the personal/ corporate information which are saved in the working computer (Nerney, n.d.).
5. Can they tarnish a firm’s reputation? If so, how?
People waste their time on online interaction instead of meeting face-to-face. Some of the sites are hazardous and provocative. Companies using social media networking or allowing their employees to use social media are required to form social media policy to set objectives and limitations of social media initiative of the company. A company is desired to keep a check about what to disclose and conceal on social media networking sites. Therefore, employees must be trained appropriately and monitoring must be done by social media manager (Nerney, n.d.).
6. Can they enhance a firm’s reputation? If so, how?
With social networking employees can share view of experts, become familiar with books and sites to refer, resolve conflicts and learn to express themselves explicitly. Social networking enhances computer literacy and skills of those who were never interested in using computer for better, thereby with social networking people are improving their lives. Social networking has potential to bring revolution as messages are conveyed to large number of people across the world within no time. Now-a-days social networking is used for medical help, opinion, share information about the newer diseases, drugs and treatment, for instance swine flu information was shared by numerous people and generated awareness in mass. Companies may utilize the facility of social media networks to procure information from experts/ customers and enhance their work potential/ products.

Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society? Retrieved from
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(Social Media Individual Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2)
Social Media Individual Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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