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According to my opinion, one of the most important things about the Supreme Court is that they have the authority to observe and change the decisions made by the President and the Government. Supreme Court has the authority and command to take action against the decisions of…
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Answer below question 50 or more words
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History Assignment Most Important Thing about the Supreme Court: According to my opinion, one of the most important things about the Supreme Court is that they have the authority to observe and change the decisions made by the President and the Government. Supreme Court has the authority and command to take action against the decisions of President of the country if they are not according to the constitution. The Supreme Court is like a referee for all the state decisions and the rules, which are proved and regulated under the observation of the Judges of the Supreme Court. These are some of the facts, which prove the importance, and authority of the Supreme Court in any country
Impact of Agents of Socialization on the Political Views
Almost all the agents of socialization have great impact on the political opinion of any person. At top of the list, family plays an important role in developing the basic mindset of any person. Usually people perceive anything in the same way as their family taught them. Therefore, we can say that the people may support any political party if all the family members are supporting them. After that, the role of colleagues and peers is also very important. In most of the situations, we have conversations with our colleagues and it is possible that at the end of the day we may think in a way as our friends was saying. At this point of time, we cannot ignore the role of unbiased media in developing the mindsets and perceptions of people.
Why Identity should be required before Voting:
In my opinion, the identity proofs should be checked before the voting procedure just to make sure the validity of the elections. There can be variety of ways to check any persons’ identity. Many of the countries are following electronic devices to cast the votes against the candidates. These electronic devices are reliable and thus give valid results. Any country may have to face many of the problems after the elections therefore it is advisable to use any of the technique to clarify the election procedure.
Which Interest Group will be preferred to join:
In today’s competitive and busy world, it is very important for an individual to have an association with different interest groups, i.e. political, social, economic, etc.… because there is a famous saying “Unity is Strength”. Therefore, most of the individuals prefer to have a representation in a group, so that they can discuss and resolve their problems in an organized and united way. I have also joined an interest group known as SASE (Society for the Advancement of Socioeconomic) ( because I believe that social conditions and societal norms have a great impact over the economic progress of a country. This organization helps me to understand the connection between the cultural, social and political norms of a country over its overall economy. The organization works to advance the understanding of economic behavior over a broad range of academic courses, it also works to balance the deductive and inductive approaches towards the study of different economic behaviors.
Media biased or Not:
In the current political situation, I must say that media is definitely biased towards the political parties who have the matching views and opinions to them. There are very few news channels who are reporting the reality and the facts and figures of the true situation of the country. Contrary to them, almost all other major news channels are just supporting the political parties by leg pulling and many other such unethical actions against different political leaders. Many of the people are saying that today the role of media is not that much influential just because of the reason that they are not telecasting the reality anymore. Therefore, according to my opinion, these days media is really biased. Read More
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