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Management Metrics - Essay Example

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In the current world, computer development and networking have had a considerable influence not only in running an organization but also in the overall living. Many organizations utilize technology and networking facilities to create a strong network for daily communication and…
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Management Metrics
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Download file to see previous pages Some management systems can also be in place to offer effective and secure network, which is the backbone to any organization (Carter, Ulrich & Goldsmith, 2005).
Effective achievement of organizational goals and strategies needs proper network management systems. In a bid to understand efficient and effectiveness in the network management systems, some factors are in consideration in the name of metrics. Metrics directly affects the bottom line of organizational management. There is no single metric which can be solely applicable in assessing the effectiveness of the management group hence the combination of several metrics is applicable. These metrics can undergo common review to gauge the overall effectiveness in the process of organizational goals achievement. Some common metrics in the line of organizational goals tracking includes complexity metrics for operational tasks, business impacts tracking metrics, and scale metrics (Nof, 1994).
Network models are prone to change because of implementation of various applications and network technologies. The main network goal is to reap maximum efficiency. In order to achieve the required effectiveness, various metrics must be in place. The metrics in application also undergo timely review for the overall network efficiency (Hayden, 2010). Network assessment and the immediate impact in the running of the organization towards goal achievement is an important factor worth considering. Network availability, reliability and other impacts on organizational services and revenues depend on management metrics for direct tracking. Responsiveness in the process of network utilization also functions as an important metrics in gauging network performance in a given organization.
In overall perspective, network management metrics can be easily broken down into three main sections, which comprises of cost, classic and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management Metrics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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