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Cyber ethics can be stated as study of ethics related to computers comprising of user behavior and programming of computers along with its effect on society and individuals. Cyber ethics education is introduced in many schools and colleges so as to make students aware about…
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Download file to see previous pages Often cyber ethics education is based on one significant theory or combination of two theories. The two major theoretical approaches are teleological and deontological theories. Teleological theories states action’s consequences to be a measure of action’s good. On the other hand deontological theories consider action’s righteousness to be above goodness. Utilitarian foundation is a part of teleological theories. This foundation states that action of an individual should be able to maximize happiness and good for all who are affected by such actions. It highlights the factor that actions of a person should be based on probable consequences that may be resulted by the action before it is been executed. This theory claims that a person should think about each and every individual and not just person taking a decision. Deontological theory is an ethical study based on duties. It considers duty and fidelity toward principle to be most essential factors (Gold, 2010). This theory states that an action’s consequences are not that important in comparison to rightness of the action. As per this theory an action is said to be valid if actions that are taken by individuals do not lead to any form of contradiction. The basic concept of this theory is that individuals should work according to their intelligence and virtue; act justly, should tell truth and avoid any form of injury towards others. Both the theories have different elements which state the importance of cyber ethics. This form of education has gained its importance in the recent years where stealing music or video is considered to be equivalent to actual theft. Students are made aware about the different cyber crimes and its impact on others (Starr, 2011). Information technology in the present scenario has given liberty to individuals to access various data but also it has posed a threat to one’s privacy.
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434Mod1Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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