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Information Systems Use Security Policy - Assignment Example

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In an organization, information management systems are in most cases used in decision-making and co-ordination of tasks in the organization and the industry (Sousa & Effey, 2014). For a business that is experiencing growth, information systems allow the company to become highly…
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Information Systems Use Security Policy
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Download file to see previous pages When a company begins to address the proper use of its information systems, the challenges that emerge also expose the firm’s administrators to problems ranging from time delays, poor product performance and overruns in costs which come as a surprise.
For a growing company, the many problems and opportunities that arise may demand different ways of approaching them. A solution that worked one year ago may no longer work in future. In a growing business, the source of information that a company uses when conducting its research needs to come from the right source. Using ineffective information systems makes it extremely difficult to get information and the purchasing behavior of customers analyzed. Even when the company begins to use and implement its information systems successfully, the systems may not present the proper view of the firm’s increased efficiency (Sousa & Effey, 2014). An excellent example in an organization is the use of emails. The use of emails is a trend in most firms, but their increases in volumes are no doubt a source of time drain for the individual and the organization.
As the IT services manager for Sunshine Machine Works, I propose the use of the following guidelines. An increase of employees to more than 100 staff members and computers shows that the company is growing at a successful rate. A written policy on use of computers by all staff members in the organization is one of the best ways of preventing breach of sensitive information such as financial data, personal employee data. A guideline will also ensure that there is a centralized file storage system in the firm.
Time limits: The first guideline to consider when creating this policy would be the time limits. As the administration panel in the organization, the Chief Executive officer, Chief Financial officer and general manager would be required to lead by example. Computer time should be strictly reserved for certain period, such as when files ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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