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Google Project Glass Jelly Bean Google Self Driving Car Nexus - Case Study Example

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This essay describes Google now, that is an application developed for smartphones operating on Android and iOS operating system to act as a personal assistant. Google provides answers to personal questions, recommendations and the completion of various tasks through the help of the internet…
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Google Project Glass Jelly Bean Google Self Driving Car Nexus
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Download file to see previous pages By recognizing the repeated actions of web users, Google now has the ability to preempt the desires of smartphone users and deliver results for different tasks. However, the adoption of this application has been associated with a number of impacts on the society, both positive and negative. Due to the tough and busy schedule of business owners and managers, the development of Google now has been received as an opportunity to comfortably run their affairs without pressure. With Google Play, the schedules of an individual can be simulated and reminders provided promptly based on the culture of the user. For example, an individual who plans for a meeting at mountain view will be informed of the same 45 minutes before the time and the factors that may delay prompt arrival such as traffic is factored (Weiss, 2013).
Soccer or basketball fans that spend most of their time searching for international results have benefited from the customized features of Google now. Once every match is played and the results out, Google now sends the updated results to the users without prompts from them. This has enabled different organizations to save massive time wasted by their employees online. With prompt notification, the users can continue with other activities knowing that the results will be posted in time thus saving the time. As compared to Siri, a product that was developed and sold to Apple's iOS application, Google now is instantaneous and this makes it more economically reliable. Within a few seconds, Google now will post the results of the self-prompted search and deliver to the users (Weiss, 2014).
Despite the benefits of the application, Google now has also impacted negatively on the society and businesses. With this new initiative, the number of people who will be able to share one means of transport will increase and this will positively impact on the environment. Though the technical limits of this new invention by Google has not been identified, its adoption and use in public vehicles will face significant resistance from workers unions and labor organization. As Americans continue to rely on self-driven vehicles, taxi and public transport employees will lose their jobs and this will affect its acceptability to the general public. This has the potential of causing a financial crisis as resistance and protests from labor organizations will affect other sectors of the economy (Brown, 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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