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The data type of all of these variables is integer. The use of all of these variables is to determine whether a situation falls within the prescribed limits of allowing a customer to…
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Unit 3 Discussion
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Discussion Three variables have been used in the flowchart which icnlude purchase, balance, and time. The data type of all of these variables is integer. The use of all of these variables is to determine whether a situation falls within the prescribed limits of allowing a customer to charge his/her purchase through store credit card. There are three decisions in this flowchart. First is that whether the customer has made the purchase of less than 100 dollars or not. Second question is that whether the customer has the balance of less than 1000 dollars or not. The third question is that whether the time since last pay is less than 30 days or not. The customers will be allowed to charge their purchase if the amount of purchase is less than 100 dollars, balance is less than 1000 dollars, and time since last pay is less than 30 days.
1. Check credit card information.
a. If purchase is less than $100, check the balance, otherwise do not allow for store credit card and terminate the operation.
b. If balance is less than $1000, check the time since last pay, otherwise do not allow for store credit card and terminate the operation.
c. If time since last pay is less than 30 days, allow for charge purchase on store credit card, otherwise do not allow for store credit card and terminate the operation.
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Unit 3 Discussion Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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