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I don’t think Wegner had revealed the theory of continent drift too soon because if one is convinced with a theory then he should come out with it. The reason is that the more you delay revealing it there is higher chance that it may get concealed forever. As per (…
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Unit 3 Discussion Big Ideas in Science
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1. I don’t think Wegner had revealed the theory of continent drift too soon because if one is convinced with a theory then he should come out with it. The reason is that the more you delay revealing it there is higher chance that it may get concealed forever. As per ( HCP,2012) “Alfred Wegener presented his theory of continental drift to the public for the first time”. Human life is unpredictable and I think he revealed the theory right on time. And proposing theory gives early gives enough time for scientific experts to contemplate on the subject and consider its validity. So the sooner one reveals a theory the more time it gives to the world to explore it.
2. Skepticism can be faced by presenting facts and reasoning understood by the scientist. It would be ideal to detail the process of the whole theory the idea behind it and the reason why it occurred. Any theory needs to have a solid scientific reasoning to be approved. According to (Oskin,2013) “Wegeners theory of continental drift was soundly denounced by geologists. Part of the opposition was because Wegener didnt have a good model to explain how the continents moved back and forth”.It is necessary for the theorist to prove that the previous theory was wrong and reason for it. The scientific detailing of a theory can avoid the scientist being labeled a crack pot.
3. The best way to explain the continental drift is by analyzing the plate tectonics with GPS. GPS is Global Positioning System which works with the help of satellite devices. According to (Garmin ,1996) “The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense”. It shows that the earth’s plates are floating on the surface and it makes it clear that they are moving all the time. Event the devices that project 3D image of seismic activity is important for supporting Wegner’s theory.
One of the evidence which can be shows is the presence of Negroid races in many parts of continents. It can be seen that there is Negroid races in India and other Asian countries and even the topography and vegetation is somewhat similar. The wild life and aquatic animals remain somewhat similar and this can be because the animals shared a common ancestor and had few changes due to evolution. The evidence can be collected by visiting some parts of continents and showcasing its inhabitants and geographical nature.

Response on Patrick’s post
Patrick is quiet right that Wegner has not revealed the theory too soon because a theory needs to be presented as soon it is ready for public understanding and the theorist is convinced with facts. Definitely Patrick is exact on the fact that Wegner had the facts right in front of him to propose this theory of continental drift. This also gives the scientists to work on the theory to prove its genuineness.
Response on Lisa Post
Lisa is right on the explanation that modern technology like plate tectonics can help Wegner to explain his continental drift theory. Plate tectonics can explain the nature of movement of plate of earth which supports the drifting of continents. Lasers and other tools has the high capability to observe the movement of earth’s plates and the area to which its moving and how long it will take a continent to drift from each other. Even the ocean floor can be observed with special cameras and other equipments. It can also give graphical representation to scientist to study earth in an intricate pattern.
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Oskin, B. (2013). What is Continental Drift?. In Retrieved January 25, 2014, from Read More
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