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Dimensions of Technology - Research Paper Example

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Music informatics is a research field in computer science that deals with music that applies technology in its production and involves distribution of music in digital formats. Music informatics can also involve manufacturing of musical instruments and music technology such as…
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Dimensions of Technology Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Music informatics is a developing field in computer science and although it is hard to predict how it will revolutionize the music industry, the field might change how most people view music production (Bozkurt & Holzapfel 13).
Music informatics is related to computer science in the sense that it views music as data. Scholars in this field are advocating for the need to treat music as data in order to realize the full benefits of this discipline to the music industry. Music searching has been revolutionized with development of software that can search for music in libraries within a short time. Additionally, music analysis in this discipline involves computer-aided skills in creating pitch and harmony during music production. Another area in this discipline that requires music to be treated as data is the creation of musical scores. These scores are converted from their handwritten form into music symbols and are stored in digital form (Bozkurt & Holzapfel 14).
Music informatics further involves software development, a key area in computer science. Almost every aspect of music informatics requires software. This ranges from music search engines, conversion of musical stores into digital symbols to online distribution and consumption of music. The discipline has attracted many students who are interested in software engineering and who would like to specialize in music software design (Bozkurt & Holzapfel 16). The discipline interlinks with other disciplines in computer science since software engineers who specialize in music software design can further their skills in other areas within the field of computing.
Music informatics can also be seen to involve skills in mathematics, a key aspect of computer science. Processing digital signals for audio music requires vast knowledge in mathematics. Audio digital signal processing involves conversion of analogue signals into a series of numbers that represent these signals in digital ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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