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Internet & Portals - Essay Example

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is a site owned and run by an American electronic commerce company by the name Inc. previously the site was known to be an online book store but eventually increased its diversity and started selling CDs, DVDs, software, toys, furniture, jewelleries,…
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Internet & Portals
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Download file to see previous pages The site also has a smaller navigation on the top, which has 4 elements: Today’s Deals, Help, 1 Promotion offer, and Gift Cards. It also has some great features such as people who bought this also bought...
The site makes use of the structural element TABLE by the way they have set its border attribute to zero. This was achieved through: (). By doing this, they made sure that the table was invisible to the users. They divide the pages by placing the contents of a page in different cells of the table (Baun 99). This allows the page to be divided into different sections with elements of the site appearing on different parts of the site.
One of the tools that are used on this site for content, structure, and management is the portal working place which is mostly advocated for by the fact that the site offers affordable services. In order to avoid there being technical issues that are associated with the compliance with JSR168, the site makes use of Java based portal products. This enables them to manage the content of the site, with relation to the widely changing nature of .NET applications especially those involving such sites.
Another important thing that should be noted about this site is its taxonomy. Taxonomy refers to the process of classification of things in accordance to a predetermined system. In relation to websites, it will be important to note that taxonomy refers to the manner in which data are arranged into and subcategories. The taxonomy of this site is done in terms of topic. This can be seen in the way the data on the site are arranged in terms of issues, topics, and special interests. The main advantage that gets from using this type of taxonomy is that it enables their clients to freely navigate through their data during the process of finding that which is relevant to them. It also enables users of the site relate to the content of the site to their topics. This is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Internet & Portals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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