Microsoft Windows Issues - Post Software Install - Coursework Example

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The possible reasons that may cause a software to have problems after installation is the conflict with another program already installed in the systems, bugs in the program being installed and failure to…
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Microsoft Windows Issues - Post Software Install
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[School] Number] September 11, Solutions to Microsoft Windows Post-Software Install Issues It is very rare that a software problem can be created without bugs. The possible reasons that may cause a software to have problems after installation is the conflict with another program already installed in the systems, bugs in the program being installed and failure to follow proper installation procedures. The following steps can be applied in solving these post-installation program issues.
Check for any updates of the latest version on the software vendors’ website and download patches of the program. There will mostly be patches available to solve this post-installation issue since many people maybe also be having the same issue.
You can reinstall the program and see if the problem persists
In case of conflicts with other problems, uninstall the program that may be causing conflicts and then install the intended program. After restarting the computer, install the program and see if the problem persists
There are chances that the application or new software being installed overwrites the current operating system’s dynamic link libraries (DLL) files with an older version. This will therefore cause problems in the working of the installed application. Therefore, uninstalling the program will help remove this absolute file systems since they render the computer unusable and may cause conflicts to other programs as well.
Lastly, the program may be conflicting with the Windows driver responsible with its functioning. Therefore, a solution is to update the Windows driver responsible for the running of the program and also installation Windows updates to restore the operating system’s dynamic link libraries (DLL) files.
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