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However, a single DaaS provider may not be able to meet the data request demanded by the consumer due to presence of efficient data from…
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Download file to see previous pages This is possible since it obtains data from Google maps and tweeter and thus utilizes them as one. This paper is a summary of a thesis by Mahtab Arafat who proposes the development of a DaaSMashup Model, which will work with multiple DaaS providers to improve efficiency of data extracted from single DaaS Provider while maintaining high standards of privacy.
Privacy-Preserving DaaSMashup framework should ensure that different DaaS provider have a platform where they can share data from their database with other DaaS on a secure platform. DaaSMachup systems will be very effective where DaaS provider cannot solely provide consumer’s data requirement. The result of integration of different DaaS providers can result to provision of clients with data high levels of accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. Some of the reasons that cause reluctance to the willingness of DaaS providers to share their data include data quality, privacy concerns, and the ability to match a data request.
Cloud based framework for the preservation of the DaaS mashup is critical for enhancing the security of the DaaS providers. This paper is critical in providing information on greedy algorithm to the providers’ of DaaS mashup. In essence, the paper explores the measures of securely integrating the data from many DaaS providers. These providers are critical in preserving the security and privacy of the resultant mashup data.
A client may be willing to pay a price for a specific nature of data however the DaaS provider may lack enough data on their database to present to the client. Even with privacy issues put to concerned care should be taken to ensure that the data quality obtained after the integration of the systems is not compromised.
The privacy concerns about data involves the fact that private data on respondents being licked. Most organizations are against private data of their getting on to the wrong hands as this poses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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