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Data as an Asset - Assignment Example

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For instance, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act fails to show the change in technology that occurred since its enactment in 1986. The changes in the Act, sponsored by Sen…
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Data as an Asset
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Extract of sample "Data as an Asset"

Data as an Asset As both the society and technology changes, the privacy laws need to change along with them. For instance, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act fails to show the change in technology that occurred since its enactment in 1986. The changes in the Act, sponsored by Sen. Patrick Leahy ensures that the privacy rights of all citizens are protected. Senators also proposed the amendment of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (1974) that will forbid the use of identifiable student information for marketing. In addition, the changes will give parents the freedom of accessing and amending the information about their children. The changes in privacy laws will prohibit companies from using consumers’ information without their consent, thus protecting the privacy rights of all consumers (Education Week, 2015).
Netflixs "recommender system" is a software program that is designed to learn about users by gathering data about them and drawing conclusions. “Machine learning” employs Artificial intelligence to recognize the needs of customers that uses the services of a particular company (Newitz, 2009). Computers can now supply the information that was used to be provided by individuals. Artificial Intelligence is the pillar behind Maps, Siri, and Passbook; gadgets are now able to do great things without help from users (Jackson, 2012).
Rather than requesting users to rate products on a five-star scale, Netflix’s recommendation systems need to ask them to evaluate products in pairs; it will offer a correct representation of preferences of consumers. Besides recommending movies, Netflix needs to diversify and support music and games. Music and games are lucrative areas that will benefit the company. Users should be afforded an opportunity to offer feedback on how to improve the recommendation system. Netflix can offer a platform where users can give feedback on the effectiveness of the system. The three changes must be included in the system as part of the platform.
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