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This essay presents virtual training  which uses the latest reality technology, similar to the haptic one that is used in flight simulators and computer games; this allows users to “feel” and be part of the training environment that is being simulated…
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Virtual Training
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Question 1: What Makes Virtual Training Effective?
Virtual training uses the latest reality technology, similar to the haptic one that is used in flight simulators and computer games; this allows users to “feel” and be part of the training environment that is being simulated. This type of training also provides surgeons with an opportunity to practice and polish their essential skills outside the theatre, allowing them to boost their knowledge of the ear's anatomy and also to comprehend the relationships between adjacent structures (Lee 2003, p.268). Virtual training also offers trainees/students the opportunity to learn how to plan heir their surgical procedures, something that may take much more time to learn in the traditional approach. Virtual training emulates a traditional operating theatre, including surgical lighting and a microscope. During training, surgeons receive prompt, realistic and immediate feedback regarding their sense of force and touch in using various instruments.
Question 2: What are the Disadvantages of Virtual Training?
Significant financial resources are required to implement a virtual training program, and this makes it very expensive (Lee 2003, p.268). Apart from this, since technology changes every day, it would be expensive to keep up with such changes. For example, acquisition and implementation of the latest technologies would be very costly. Another disadvantage is that virtual training essentially depends on the character, ability and attitude of the student/trainee to the technology. Students or trainees who have a negative attitude towards technology or are not confident in their technological skills may perform poorly.
Question 3: What the Future of Virtual Training will Look Like
Through positive and extensive collaboration in areas of information technology and training, virtual training may become much more effective in the future (Lee 2003, p.268). Apart from this, there is the possibility of integrating good learning principles and management support into the virtual training that program; these supplement and complement a particular organization’s infrastructure and technological capabilities. In addition to this, it has been established that needs assessment, evaluation, design and transfer will be very critical in the future of virtual training (Lee 2003, p.268).

Lee, Monica 2003, HRD in a complex world, Routledge, London. Read More
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