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Wii vs PlayStation - the Main Differences of the Video Gaming Platforms - Term Paper Example

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The paper “Wii vs PlayStation - the Main Differences of the Video Gaming Platforms” considers that Wii covers the entire market thanks to its ease of use and affordability while the PlayStation gained a small market segment being designed for players who prefer a higher level of game complexity. …
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Wii vs PlayStation - the Main Differences of the Video Gaming Platforms
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Extract of sample "Wii vs PlayStation - the Main Differences of the Video Gaming Platforms"

Download file to see previous pages What are the differences between the major gaming platforms, for instance, the Wii and Playstation3? With the overwhelming market expansion, the most important question that lingers in many minds, of course, would be what exactly is driving the gaming console industry to its new levels of success witnessed in the recent past? I sought to find out by engaging merchandisers on one on one interviews, conducting library research and consulting articles posted over the internet.   
The first thing I did to find information on this particular subject was to set up an interview with Mr. Jimmy Jonson, a Caltech undergraduate working on Kinect home applications based in Washington. “How do I get to know the best gaming platform that best suits me?” I asked.
“There are numerous different types of computer gaming systems available for sale in the market currently and so choosing the right one that suits one's needs can indeed be a difficult process. As such, a potential buyer with interest should first outline the goals to be met before actually making the final decision to purchase.   Some of these goals include setting a price ceiling, the possibility of having the device playable to two or more people, ability to be able to play online, and the rating in the consumer market so as to be moving with the current technology, as opposed to using obsolete systems” (Jimmy Jonson, part 1).
With major preferable gaming consoles to select an abundance of video games powered by different industries, it would be an experience of a kind should one decide to enter the world of video or computer gaming. The price tags, game genres, as well as the game consoles, there are simply so many options that one has to consider before officially launching a bid to secure one. And so to avoid the baggage of focusing on quite a huge number of the gaming platforms, the level of comparison in this paper only dealt with the wii, and PlayStation (PS), both being randomly picked.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Wii Vs PlayStation - the Main Differences of the Video Gaming Platform Term Paper)
Wii Vs PlayStation - the Main Differences of the Video Gaming Platform Term Paper.
“Wii Vs PlayStation - the Main Differences of the Video Gaming Platform Term Paper”, n.d.
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