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Marketing Plan: Xbox 360 - Term Paper Example

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The goals and objectives behind the respective marketing strategy are to expand the reach and availability of the Xbox 360 to all customers by easy to find locations, find new and different market channels in order to reach more target market and capture a larger segment of customers international…
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Marketing Plan: Xbox 360
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Download file to see previous pages Microsoft has been able to capture a large share of the market, despite the intense competition in the industry. 40 percent of the market share is captured by Microsoft, followed by Sony with 20 percent of the market share and then Nintendo with 20 percent of the market share (Jelliothoward, 2010).
Xbox 360 is still in the growth stage of the product lifecycle. Microsoft has not been able to promote and market all features and benefits of the product to the target market in an effective and efficient manner. are is restricting the ability of the company to increase the overall sale and further improve the market share.
Overall environment and external factors, on one hand, presents some hurdles in the process of growth and development and on the other hand provide support to the companies operating in the gaming industry. Microsoft has to come up with such strategies that it is able to capitalize on the opportunities presented in the industry and minimize the impact of threats.
Microsoft is facing the issues regarding the market penetration of Xbox 360 and should come up with marketing strategies and tactics in order to increase the overall market penetration. This requires serious measures on part of the company. Microsoft has to look for different channels and mediums in order to reach the larger share of the target market which in turn will increase the market penetration of the product. Along with this, the company can focus on establishing strong relationships with retailers and game developers in order to take advantage of co-marketing.
a outpace other competitors in the industry, Microsoft has to implement the well devised and well-thought marketing plan and has to formulate strategies in order to take advantages of its strengths and opportunities presented by the industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marketing Plan: Xbox 360 Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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