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I am a very honest citizen who has the burning desire to positively contribute to the development as well as economic progress of our beloved nation. However, in my…
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Applying for Scholarship to attend Trinity Valley college
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Applying for Scholarship to Attend Trinity Valley College Dear Sir Madam. ………………………. It is with great determination that I am writing this scholarship request letter to your reputable organization. I am a very honest citizen who has the burning desire to positively contribute to the development as well as economic progress of our beloved nation. However, in my quest to realize my dreams, the path of doing so is highly threatened by lack of finance to pursue further education. Well, I am Russell "Blaine" Clamon II and currently in my final school term that will end in May at Kemp High School. It is my plan to pursue tertiary education at Trinity Valley Community College (TVCC) and my area of interest is Computer Science. I am, therefore, striving to either complete a two year course in Computer Science or an associate degree (“Blaine" Clamon II 2012).
My studies have been characterized by good grades in the examinations as I have maintained an impressive GPA of 3.25 in addition to perfect school attendance. I have also taken high school lessons in Key Boarding as well as Audio/Video Production. Besides, I also had lessons on Business Law and in all the lessons computers were integral part of the learning process. Therefore, I enjoy working with computers. I am also a community volunteer worker as I usually attend St. Jude’s Catholic Church every Sunday morning and consequently assist the first grade Sunday school teacher with Sunday school duties.
The scholarship will help me pursue my dream career at TVCC upon which I anticipate to get a job where I would apply my knowledge and skills obtained. TVCC comes to the fore based on the fact that it is close to my residence and the study plan of the specialty I intend to take suits my career objectives. It is with this noble intention that I have made the decision of approaching your organization with my humble request for scholarship (“Blaine" Clamon II 2012).
Thank you in advance.
Yours truly,
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