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For Preventive Computer Medicine - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper "Annotated Bibliography for Preventive Computer Medicine" focuses on different books, such as Acohido's one, which discusses the new innovation from Panda Security Corporation in which antivirus software resides on a secure data server rather than the individual user’s hard drive. …
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Annotated Bibliography for Preventive Computer Medicine
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Extract of sample "For Preventive Computer Medicine"

Download file to see previous pages He recommends that the enhanced features and additional protections offered by paid-for versions are worth the extra money. One reason consumers don’t protect their computers properly is that they feel shelling out money for anti-virus software is a scam or too painful on the budget, so this article supports my recommendation of using paid-for scanning software.
This is an extremely short article but does make some interesting recommendations, such as carefully researching freeware, dashboard add-ons, and screensavers before downloading them. If the company does not pass the research test or other users have experienced problems, those programs should be avoided.
Garcia recommends taking a proactive approach to infections by using the most cutting-edge software to prevent rather than cure computer infections. He notes that integrated systems are probably better than standalone software. This article helps to shape my recommendation that preventing computer problems is an overall approach, even though that requires more attention and management from the end user.
A series of good tips for avoiding crashes, bugs and virus problems, including the typical advice of using the most up to date antivirus software, carefully checking all incoming files and links, and creating system backups. Good basic support opinion for several points in my essay.
Short article containing almost the same tips as several others, but does give the web addresses of a few resources that warrant further investigation for this essay such as the US Department of Energy’s Hoaxbusters page and the Computer Associates Virus Encyclopedia.
Historical background for the beginning of computer virus era. Jelinski presents a simplified overview of the origins of viruses and how to avoid them. This is relevant to my essay because the article presents the same simple advice given for the past 12 years.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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