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From the paper “How to Prevent Illegal Access to Personal Data?” it is clear that the problem of creating optimal protecting access to personal data remains relevant. A traditional password system is simple but not reliable, encryption, cryptography, are too complicated for a wide audience…
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How to Prevent Illegal Access to Personal Data
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To counter illegal access to imperative information, many solutions are available that includes Virtual Private Networks (through tunneling Protocols), Encryption/decryption, RSA (through Public Key Cryptography) etc. but these are too complex to apply at large group of general public.
Keeping in view the above weaknesses of the traditional password system, there is an immense requirement to design an interactive password system as previously done by Tsutomu Matsumoto (1996), Michael K. Reiter (1999), Taekyoung Kwon (2000) and many other great authors of information security. However, some interactive systems were complex, while the others were time-consuming. In order to design an interactive password system, we need to take strings from the user based on several questions rather than a single strong password. Subsequently, we have to use the input strings in a meaningful manner and introduce randomness to develop an interactive password system. Involvement of randomness on the basis of the user’s questions might be easy for the user to remember the answers of the questions; the user will need to remember/keep the answers or rules of the questions rather than keeping a password string. Once the input strings have been taken from the user, in order to further progress the design of the interactive password system, there could be two ways i-e first is to generate password utilizing input string by different cryptography, encryption-decryption, involvement of special characters, mixture of small and capital characters along with numbers, self-generation algorithm as done by William H. Haubert (2002) etc. or the second way could be to generate a rule-based system to create the surreptitious set of rules and regulations, control the rules that would be associated to the users and subsequently, the actual login interface for the said system.
The above design will not allow users to select an easy password like MS Outlook’s Password Management Protocol. As the design is based on an interaction with the user’s secret questions and an involvement of randomness makes it harder for intruders to guess the password as well as for the hacking software.  Read More
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