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Hillside School New Payment and Billing System - Case Study Example

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This essay presents the data and process model  which is a display of the simplicity that the new payment and billing system is going to offer the school. The new system makes room for two major payment formats, which are check payment system and credit card payment system. …
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Hillside School New Payment and Billing System
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Download file to see previous pages From this discussion it is clear that the vice principal will certainly have enough space to carry out some more administrative responsibilities. The second benefit associated with this simplified system is that the heaviness of responsibility that the vice principal had to bear every school season are going to be reduced. Unlike it happened before, the vice principal can breath a sign of relieve from tedious work now. She is now sure to channel most of her time and effort into ensuring academic excellence in the school. Considering the fact that Hillside School is still a school with a lot of very young boys and girls, the vice principal’s duty can also be channeled towards ensuring high morals and discipline in the school.
This study highlights that the decision table is purposely to look into the discounts available to parents. Generally, there are discounts in place to serve as motivation for parents who show some level of commitment to the school. The discounts are in two major forms and shall be discussed in detail when designing the decision table. Motivation to customers; in this case parents of students has been described as highly important in several ways. In the view of Cherry, “motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors.” By and large, motivation is needed as reinforcement to spark up a strong urge or desire in getting people put up certain behavior. In a school such as Hillside School which is a relatively new school, motivation in the form of discount to parents is therefore a step in the right direction.
Not withstanding the importance of motivation discussed above, it is important that decisions on motivation be run efficiently. It is important that the school has a common system that ensures that there is a level playing field for all parents to benefit from the program. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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