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Date Negative Impacts of Technology Abstract Technology has made human life easy, fast and worth living. This is because of its integration in numerous parts of human daily lives. People today have, therefore, become more dependent on technology compared to centuries ago…
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Negative Impacts of Technology
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Download file to see previous pages However, the negative elements of technology have long being ignored yet they are associated with remarkably immense negative outcomes. Three negative aspects of technology discussed here are cyber bullying, identity theft and negative health impacts resulting from cell phone use. The paper reveals that cyber bullying is one of the leading causes of suicide amongst young people given their higher access and use. The victims of cyber bullying always have an underlying problem that is used by bullies to humiliate, ridicule and hurt. Parents should be careful in identifying instances of aggression among young people. Identity theft results to impersonation, whereby a person’s information is obtained online from other website or using fraud websites and later used for offensive purposes. Identity theft results into impersonation that is not immediately identified until after some time. The paper also reveals that the use of cell phones is responsible for a significant number of cancer cases, infertility in men and other health problems in newborns. Introduction The invention of technology was an enormous achievement for humankind in the world. In appreciation, numerous people today praise technology and technological devices used in their everyday lives. Besides its invention, technology has a fast rate of evolution. This evolution has resulted to the realization of some things that, years ago, were never thought. One such device is the cell phone. Today, cell phones have made communication remarkably easy as people who are distances apart can relay information without having to travel and engage in face-to-face communication. Technological devices have taken the world by storm such that people do not imagine the nature of life without them. In addition, life seems impossible without the internet, chat elements and emails among others. Other technological evolutions include Television, video games and movies. With these advancements, human beings have been presented with new and varying possibilities and choices. For instance, people have access to TVs with about 300 channels from all over the world thereby being exposed to beneficial information. From these examples of technological devices, it is clear that in the veins of the society, technology can be felt. In addition, technology fuels lives since it is an indispensable part of them. The nature of human life today is enough evidence that technology has introduced ultimate solution to ancient impediments of time and space. For instance, automation has enabled preservation of human efforts and time. In addition, automation in airplanes and trains has brought distant places closer while simplifying access to information. For both adults and children, technology has brought about fast, easy and reliable ways of doing things. The main positive impacts of technology are on communication, entertainment and advertisement, management of data and retrieval of information, transportation, and automation in the household and industry (Oak para2). Despite making the world a smaller place to live in, technology causes distractions. While people celebrate the positive impacts of technology, the negative impacts technology has on people’s health should not be sidelined. Some of the most common negative impacts include obesity, poor academic performance, promoting laziness, violence in children exposed to video games, and general impact on family life. The use of mobile phones, internet and social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Negative Impacts of Technology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 Words)
Negative Impacts of Technology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 Words.
“Negative Impacts of Technology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 Words”, n.d.
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