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Technology and the mind - Essay Example

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There is no doubt technology the mobile phones is one of the discoveries that have come with great impact on the way we live in the modern world, the way we do business and communicate. The fruits of technology in terms making life easier and are countless but there is a growing…
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Technology and the mind
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Extract of sample "Technology and the mind"

Running Head: Does Technology Affect Our Minds Negatively? Department There is no doubt technology the mobile phones is one of the discoveries that have come with great impact on the way we live in the modern world, the way we do business and communicate. The fruits of technology in terms making life easier and are countless but there is a growing concern as to the way technology affects our minds. The mobile phone and other PDAs for instance other than enhancing the quality of life have also been interfering with lives especially for those people who become dependent. It is therefore very important that we examine and understand the ongoing discourse on the question of how technology affects the mind.
One gadget receiving the greatest use the world over is the mobile phone for its communicative importance. Psychologists have expressed concern on grooving excessive use and addiction to mobile phone in today’s society which comes with negative health ramifications. Some scientists have also opined this growing to technology aided by communication gadgets hinders our scientific abilities as people tend consume just what has been made available instead of thinking deeply and innovatively. in other words technology is making us more lazy in terms of thinking critically problematic use of some technologies such as the mobile phone is significantly interfering with quality of life negatively.
The amount of time spent on the phone is not the real problem with technology but the need to stay connected. This could be the core reason as to the addiction being witnessed. The response by individuals when their phone is removed is another important cue. Most will show signs such as anxiety, depression and withdrawal if their access to technology is removed. studies in Japan on children who posses phones has shown they are less likely to befriend peers who are not savvy, while another in one in Britain shows that 36% of students in colleges are not able to survive with their phones. According to Sheffield quoted in (Birdwell, 2007) “The most shocking figure was that 7 percent said the use of mobile phones had caused them to lose a relationship or a job.”
On the hand there those who oppose the argument that technology is detrimental to the mind. Their position is based on the fact that technology is being used by all scientists in their work, it continues to enhance life in every area. E-mail, PowerPoint presentations, the internet, mobile phones and other technologies they argue are part and parcel of any scientist’s life. They agree to the notion that information overload may cause distraction or addiction but also say that distraction is not new. According to them the solution to the few problems accompanying technology lies in formulating strategies of self control and not bemoaning it. They observe that inventions are increasing on a daily basis with technology and our knowledge is on the increase. according to (Pinker, 2010) technologies like the internet help the society in managing, retrieving and searching our collective intellectual output through social sites, e-books, and encyclopedias online. Technology is not growing our stupidity but instead making us smarter.
In conclusion therefore technology has tremendously revolutionized our way of life and continues to influence the way things are done. There are growing concerns in some quarters over the negative ramifications accompanying technology. Problematic use of the mobile phones, addiction and reluctance among people to think for themselves are some of the problems. But those who are opposed to the notion that technology is to blame for the growth of these problems opine that instead of bemoaning it we should develop strategies to coexist with technology. They argue that inventions have doubled, and information continued to grow hence technology is good. There is therefore need to further investigate the question and devise strategies to overcome any provable negative impacts of technology.
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