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How has the advancement of technology affected the ability to produce and analyze imagery intelligence (IMINT) - Research Paper Example

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Regardless of the metric that is analyzed, it is without question that the growth, proliferation, and constant change of technology have provided a definitive and measurable impact with respect to the way in which military intelligence is conducted. A litany of examples of…
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How has the advancement of technology affected the ability to produce and analyze imagery intelligence (IMINT)
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Extract of sample "How has the advancement of technology affected the ability to produce and analyze imagery intelligence (IMINT)"

Download file to see previous pages Whereas all types of intelligence that can be gathered has a distinctive purpose and subset of potential users, the growth and proliferation, as well as increasing extent of cutting-edge technology, has created a situation by which IMINT faces a fundamental crisis. Ultimately, this particular branch of intelligence is one that has increasing relevance and potential within the current world. As such, the rising costs associated with maintaining on cups of relevance and technology with regard to IMINT has been steadily increasing over the past several decades; seemingly with no end in sight. Accordingly, this particular analysis will not only seek to analyze the current exhibition of this particular form of intelligence but also to denote the underlying reasons for why costs have been rising so exponentially as well as provide for potential levels of remedy that might be directed towards reducing these costs. Furthermore, shortcomings and drawbacks with respect to other proposed remedies will also be referenced in the hopes of providing a full and nuanced understanding of the problem at hand as well as the ways in which it might potentially be engaged.
The rapid rate of technological growth and expansion has created undue difficulty for aspects of image intelligence. In much the same way that the average cost of a single fighter jet has risen exponentially over the past several decades, the cost of gathering and analyzing potentially salient intelligence information form of images is tracking along the same path. Even an individual that does not have formal training with respect to finance and accounting could realize the fact that such a path is unsustainable; especially considering the limited resources that the United States government will be able to provide to achieve a specific goals that image intelligence might exhibit within the coming years. As such, one of the key recommendations that have been made with respect to seeking to ameliorate the overall ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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